Trailer Services

-Complete Rewiring

-Electrical/Hydraulic brake system replacement

-Light Replacement

-Bearing Inspection/Replacement

Mechanical Services

Canyon State Marine offers a variety of mechanical services to ensure your vessel is fixed properly, and ready for the water. Explore our many options to see what you may need, and always feel free to inquire about having an inspection done.


-Power/Hydraulic steering system service and replacement

-Replacement Linkages from Helm to engine

-Complete Controller replacement

Drive Services

-Impeller Changes

-Oil Changes

-Trim Cylinder Over Hauls/System Flushes

-Complete Driver over hauls for seals and      bearings

-Bellows Replacement

-Gimbal Bearing replacements

-Pressure Test

-Complete rebuilds

Engine Services

-Oil/Filter Changes

-Fuel Filter Changes

-Flame Arrestor

-Spark Plugs

-Plug Wire

-Timing Checks

-Carburetor Overhauls/Adjustments

-Distributor Replacement

-Compression Checks

-Complete Rebuilds

-Valve Adjustments